Giới thiệu

HBH Architects & Partners Company Limited is established in Vietnam in 2015. We focus on providing unique services such as professional documentation complied with international standards, as well as being one of the earliest companies that totally use REVIT as the main software in Vietnam. This combination allows us to deliver high quality designs and documentation, as well as resolving many time-consuming and cost efficiency issues for all project participants.

HBH Architects & Partners now employs over 10 architects who have experience in delivering projects both in Vietnam and overseas. Core team members of HBH Architects & Partners have been highly educated and working extensively in Vietnam and Australia. HBH Architects & Partners can also communicate well with Client and Investor both in English and Vietnamese in all meetings or emails. Therefore, HBH Architects & Partners has experience in delivering high quality projects through all stages of design, documentation and construction. Upon requests or demanded by Clients, we can also collaborate or form a team with international offices all over the world to deliver successful projects anywhere.